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Site rules

  1. Site use Terms and Conditions:

Using the Asayeshmarket site means your complete knowledge and agreement with the following terms and conditions:

Purchasing from the site is based on the laws and regulations in the e-commerce and in full compliance with all laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The information provided on the technical specifications of the products is summarized and general, and the shop will continuously review and update the information and its contents.

When ordering products, users are required to insert the correct information in the site. Obviously, the crash or inaccuracy of the information will prevent the correct completion and posting in a timely manner.

The Asayeshmarket does not accept any responsibility for the site’s operation that may be due to factors beyond the control of this site (such as Internet, banking, communications, hardware, etc.).

All tools used on the site for contacting customers are designed specifically for this purpose, and users are committed to using this tool to send and receive information that is appropriate and relevant to the products order.

Contact the Asayesh market via /https://www.asayeshmarket.com and with the following phone number: 031-33878325 Fax: 031-33878325

  1. Terms and conditions of products sale service

In legal terms, the site /https://www.asayeshgroup.com is considered as the seller and the website user as the buyer.

Sale of products is based on the type and amount that the buyer has inserted in the site.

The value of the ordered products will be calculated based on the site price. If the price of the product is not present or the customer wants to buy it under certain conditions, it is necessary to contact the sales department for information about the price and conditions.

  1. Terms of products delivery

products Delivery in this store is through freight, courier, post and etc. the cost of shipping in Isfahan city for purchases of over 10 million Rials is provided free of charge and in other provinces and cities of Isfahan province all charges are for the buyer.